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Mitel Unified Communicator® (UC) Mobile
(formerly Mitel Mobile Extension) empowers users with a single phone number and a single voice mailbox while providing them with access to the business communications features they need - anywhere, anytime.
With UC Mobile, you can link – twin - your extension with your mobile device, your home phone or just about any other telephone number. An incoming call will simultaneously ring both your extension and the twinned device. The device that you use to answer the call establishes a voice path and the other device will cease to ring. UC Mobile extends a range of common PBX features to the selected twinned device and provides a truly integrated mobile and desktop experience by enabling seamlessly switching communications from one device to another.
Improve Productivity and Customer Service
Having your extension as the focal point for all your voice communication needs means that you can be always reachable, avoid missing calls, and gain productivity by spending less time playing telephone tag and chasing down voicemail messages. On the other hand having access to commonly used PBX features like three-party conference, split, swap, hold and transfer enable effective working while away from your desk.
Add Features, Cut Costs
UC Mobile allows you to leverage the power of your corporate IP environment with remote office extension dialing and in-call telephony feature access. Even though you are not at your desk but on the road, you can call and communicate as if you were in the office.
UC Mobile can also considerably cut costs. Significant wireless long distance cost savings are possible when calls placed from a mobile device are processed as calls outbound from the office communication system. Mobile users can also seamlessly handover wireless calls to their desk phone reducing in-building wireless minutes.
Mitel Unified Communicator Mobile Client
The UC Mobile Client provides seamless integration to Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform. The mobile device becomes an extension of the 3300 ICP enabling the mobile user to dial 4 or 5 digit extension numbers and to access in-call PBX features through the intuitive mobile communicator client. In addition all outbound calls from the mobile device can display the enterprise CLID or CLID of the user’s desk phone.
The OfficeLink feature enables a remote worker to place calls via the PBX. OfficeLink is embedded in the UC Mobile Client and accessible via the web GUI. When accessing the feature through the web GUI, the remote worker specifies the called party number as well as their local device number; UC Mobile places a call to the local device and once answered, places the outbound call and links the two calls together. This is an extremely cost-effective solution for businesses that require a disaster recovery solution.
Mitel Applications Suite with UC Mobile

UC Mobile is available as part of Mitel Applications Suite (MAS) which lets small- and medium-sized businesses take advantage of multiple advanced unified communications applications, all on a single server, with a single web-based management interface.


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