Osborne, Altman and HunTel receive

top honors from Boy Scouts        

Source: The Bugle Jul-Aug 2008 Edition


   Tom Osborne was awarded Citizen of the Year, Dana Altman received the Distinguished Eagle Scout award and HunTel Communications was recognized as Corporate Partner of the Year by the Boy Scouts of America, Mid-America Council June 24 at the 38th Annual Citizen of the Year luncheon.


  The Citizen of the Year Award is presented to individuals who greatly serve the community. The Distinguished Eagle Scout Award is given to an Eagle Scout for distinguished service in his profession and to his community for a period of at least twenty-five years after attaining the level of Eagle Scout.


  The Corporate Partner is given to a corporation that provides continued support of the Boy Scouts of America, Mid-America Council.

 From Left:   Dana Altman, Dan Hunt and Dr. Tom Osborne

Eagle Scouts

Matt & Dan Hunt

Solutions to Meet Many Demands       


   The Mid-America Council had many communication needs that were hampering their ability to be prepared to meet the ever rising demands of their organization.  They were dealing with an antiquated phone system that was forcing their administrative people to use written notes and word of mouth to see if staff was available inside their main headquarters.  Additionally they had no way of see if their District Executives (DE’s) were available at their remote locations or out of their office.


   They were also dealing with the burden of not having a single, centralized voice mail system for all of their local and remote offices- as well as the long distance expense from DE’s and camps alike.  The communications system was making their jobs harder, not efficiently dealing with customers and it was creating expenses that were never going to reduce.


   HunTel Communications Implemented a solution that was both functional and created value/return as well.  Installing state of the art IP communications platforms in key locations made it possible for smaller, remote sites to be connected to a centralized directory and voice mail system allowing administration staff to simply dial an extension to reach a DE hundreds of miles away.  Networking those sites together creates a powerful communications network that allows centralized administration to see if a staff member is in, on their phone or has an ‘away’ message posted (presence management). 


  The expense of long distance charges are also reduced as VoIP and least-cost routing is utilized throughout.  In addition, the Mid-America Council also has use of an advanced web-conferencing system that will allow them to save thousands of dollars per year by allowing remote staff to be present at quarterly staff meetings while not having to waste time, gasoline and food/lodging expense to travel to the Council headquarters in Omaha.  


   Lloyd Roitstein, Scout Executive/President of the Mid-America Council, had this to say about the solution that HunTel recommended and it’s value to the council,  “HunTel has provided the Mid-America Council with state-of-the-art technology, bringing our organization into the forefront of non-profit communications.” said Roitstein.  “We serve nearly 10,000 volunteers throughout a 58 county geographic area. It’s not always time and energy efficient for everyone on any particular committee to drive in for a meeting.  Not only are we saving time and money with this solution, we’ve diversified our meetings by making it possible to include more people.”  


   By understanding the needs of our customers and their goals, HunTel Communications can craft solutions that will make it possible to simplify the way businesses communicate internally and with the clients they serve. 





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